SWD Productions, LLC is a full service film and video production company based in Houston, Texas with a simple objective in mind – to help create a story, to use the visual medium and imagery to communicate that story, and to inspire the audience to feel and ultimately participate in the telling of that story. 

Founded to embrace the creative process in all its iterations, SWD and its team is dedicated to crafting the highest quality product, be it a purely artistic pursuit or commissioned work for a client.

SWD’s defining characteristic is its ability to bring disparate people, skill sets and sensibilities together on a project-by-project basis to deliver a uniquely refined and innovative piece.

Whether it’s a TV show, a narrative film, a documentary or corporate video, SWD strives to bring its vision, and that of its clients, to life.     

SWD has a demonstrated capacity to tap into some of the best and the brightest from all different specialties. From producers and directors, to editors and directors of photography, to grips and gaffers, to audio technicians and production assistants, to graphic designers and still photographers, to set designers and musicians, with an array of on-screen talent at the ready, SWD is able to assemble the ideal team for nearly any task.

SWD has contacts with advertising agencies and investment banks, law firms and management consulting firms, individual fundraisers and non-profit organizations. We are able to avail ourselves of this vast array of talent to augment any production or team.

SWD is singularly positioned to provide and deliver a superior product to its clients and to the community.