The SWD philosophy is based on a team-oriented approach for each project. SWD’s goal is to identify the important roles for every production, find the best talent available to fill each particular role, and then rely on the SWD management team to make smart decisions and foster a helpful and constructive environment to create the best product possible.

That vision starts with Greg Ferris, who sets the tone for the organization, asking only that fellow team members give their all, have fun while doing it, and deliver a superior product in the end. The team is rounded out by Dutch Doscher, a gifted director with over 20 years in the industry; C. Wyatt Cagle, a phenomenal producer, director and editor with nearly 10 years in the business; Alexander Kopit, a highly sought after editor who has worked on several feature films and TV shows; Tom Gandy, an editor and camera operator with over 10 year of experience in television industry, and Joel Love, a multi-talented musician and composer.

Individually, each member stands out in his or her own right. As a group, personal strengths are enhanced, thereby infusing the organization with both a desire for excellence and the ability to achieve it.